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The Dunblane Centre, unlike most other community or sports centres, receives no statutory funding and therefore must be self sufficient. Our running costs are in the region of £320,000 and we must generate enough income to cover these. 

A great way to support your Centre and help us reach this target is to become a member allowing you the benefits of our membership system. We also rely on donations and grants and if you are able to assist, in any way, please contact us. 

The profits we make each year are reviewed and though users' feedback, our Trustees, Advisory Group, Staff, and Volunteers decide on ways to improve the Centre for the benefit of the youth and wider community.

Priority booking (up to seven days in advance)
Free admission (on selected activities)
Able to purchase fitness multi card pass
Discounted rates
News updates
Get healthy and make new friends
Supporting a local charity

Prices for the year
Adult (18+) £36
Junior (u-18) / Senior Citizen (60+) £17

Memebership forms available from the Centre